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i got tagged by:icons-e-l-a:

Pick one of your OCs 
Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC
Tag 4 ppl
Tell them u've been tagged

OC chosen: Lef

1. What is your name?
Lef: well it is not that hard my name is Lef, nice to meet you!!

2. Gender?
Lef: really?? can't you tell?? :facepalm: male!

3. Do you know why you were named that?
Lef: well i know that the word "lef" means courage in dutch, so maybe that is why :shrug: i'm not sure! but it should be! i'm awesome!!

4. Are you single or taken?
Lef: well umm... i don't  know that really, i guess i'm still single! ^^;

5. Have any abilities or powers?
Lef: i'm fluffy!! i'm cute!! people wanna pet me! my special powers are sleeping! eating!! and my abilitie is when people see me they must hug me!

you have no abilities or powers!

Lef: shut up Liza! people do not have to know that! i'm powerfull!!


6. Stop being Mary Sue!
Lef: stop being who??:O

7. What is you eye color?
Lef: blue!!

8. How about hair/pelt color?
Lef: black.. and fluffy and black! xD

9. Do you have any family members?
Lef: can we skip this question??

answer the question Lef! or no dog treats for you! xD

Lef: my mother died when i was younger, i have no idea who my father is! i have many kids... but i'm single! i really hope i'll get to meet my father one day! and beat his ass for leaving my mother and me like this!! i do have a home and a big family now, even when they are close friends i love them ans see them as my family!:)

10. How about pets?
Lef: i have my kids! xD no kidding, well we do have Daisy the guard dog, Noah has snakes, we have since a short time many Leaf-Cat's we also have some horeses and a few birds, they aren't mine but well i live there so i guess they also are my pets xD

11. That's cool, I guess, now tell me something you don't like
Lef: being hungry! when people wake me up early in the morining! i do not really like Noah, he's being mean and so gawd dang annoying!! warm weather! water i hate water! i can't swim!! and i hate being forced to do stuff i don't like!!*looking at me angry*

oh come on is this really that bad??

Lef: yes... yes it is!!

12. Do you have any activities/ hobbies you like to do?
Lef: horse riding is fun!:D i like drawing together with Liza xD which i really can't x'DD also i love going out for long walks and i love playing with Liza's dog even when Could and i ended up in a big fight! my buddy got hurt badly so i ran after the other dog but then he grabbed my paw so we ended up both wounded but that big ass dog now is beaten up by me! so we where save xD

13. Have you ever hurt someone in any way before?
Lef: many times xD feelings i hurt feelings of people very fast, i hurt the dog i just spoke about and many more other people and animals :D but i'll never hurt my friends!!

14.  Ever...killed anyone before?
Lef: mmmmm.... mmm.. yes i did! xDD oops ^^;

15. What kind of animal are you?
Lef: a soft fluffy cuddly wolf!! :meow:

16. Name your worst habits
Lef: what if we not talk about them?? xD whould you mind?? :XD: 

17. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Lef: there is this person yeah,.. i'm not gonna talk about him

18. Are you gay, straight, or bi?
Lef: bi

19. Do you go to school?
Lef::rofl::rofl::rofl: hahaha... no! i hate school and don't need it! i learn myself things! xD i came with Liza one day so people could see me for a special dog lesson day people loved me x3

20. Ever want to marry or have kids?
Lef: oh hell no! i have enough of them already!! no more woman/man or kids!!:nuu:

21. Do you have fanboys/girls?
Lef: of course i do!! xDD to be honest idk.. do people like me??

22. What are you most afraid of?
Lef: water! water! oh and water! 

23.What are your usual accessories?
Lef: my collar?? i have non to be honest... only my collar when we go out for a walk!

24. What's one food that tempts you?
Lef: i love all food as long as there are no carrots! i hate them!!

25. Am I annoying you?
Lef: nooo!! not at all!!:nod: no really you are not, but the questions... some of them are!

26. Well, it's not over!
Lef:*deep sigh* okay let's go on then..

27. What class are you (low, middle, high)
Lef: i don't go to school! i already told you!!

28. How many friends do you have?
Lef: well who can i call my friends?? i have Tearza, Talan, Gabby, Raymond, Dark, Manuël, Pearl, Liza, and some others.. some elves! oh wait Ezra is also my friend :) 

29. What are your thoughts on pie?
Lef: could you please! and i say please! give me them dang pie before things will happened! and happen badly!!

30. Fav. Drink?
Lef: don't have, i like everything! 

31. Fav. Place?
Lef: in my bed!! :) so i can dream about-

about what Lef??

Lef: next question!! ^^;

32. Are you interested in anyone?
Lef: maybe i am! maybe i'm not! who knows!!:shrug:

he is!! xD

Lef: NOO!!!:nuu: you shouldn't have said that!!!

33. That was a stupid question
Lef: yeah is was indeed!! now people know my secret!:iconlazycryplz:

the person it self doesn't know it!:facepalm:

Lef: that is true!! xDD

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or a ocean?

35. What's your type?
Lef: type of what?? chocolate?? i like all of them!! x3

36. Any fetishes?
Lef: :?

37. Outside or inside?
Lef: i do like both! :D

38. Did you tag people?
Lef: i know some people yeah! :D XxXWolfSpiritXxX your turn you ass wolf Mamoru xD people now know my life!! your turn to spit out stuff!!, also NIKITA125 :) aaaaand, why not also Acording and SwallowShrimp HAVE FUN!!  and now i want my dog treats!! LIZA!!!?

okay,okay here you go *gives him dogtreats* when you like fill in the questions if not then don't do it, and aslo have a nice day!:)

Lef:*eating dogtreats* bye bitches!! nomnomnom..


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